Benefits of Using Mobile Wallets

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Jun 16, 2021
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We have all experienced a drastic change in the way our lives function over the past year. To address these new, socially distant times, organizations have adapted to increase the convenience to their consumers. While contactless options have been present for some time, the technology quickly became necessary for consumers and organizations to embrace. With so many new worries each day, your simple mental checklist before you left your house (phone, keys, wallet) began to include masks, gloves and disinfectant. While we all go through that mental checklist each day, there are occasions where we end up at the grocery store, ready to check out, and we do not have our wallet with us. Since your phone is already a priority on your mental checklist, why not let it act as your wallet as well? Think about the stack of cards you have in your wallet right now. If you could store those cards in your mobile device, and use that to pay instead, you reduce the need for a physical wallet! The shift to digital trends is increasing, and we want you to know the benefits of using a mobile wallet.



Safety is, and should be, a top priority. The safety of your financial information, like the numbers on your debit card that directly access your hard-earned money, should also be kept safe. Using a mobile wallet will assist you in keeping your financial information secure. Your information is protected by a lock on your phone (facial recognition, passcode or fingerprint), and the mobile wallet itself also has security credentials that must be entered correctly before payment can process. While all debit and credit cards have shifted to chip technology in an effort to combat fraud, physical card use still carries the risk of compromise. With your card number safely stored in your phone, there is no need to show your card or provide your card number, significantly reducing the risk of your information being breached.


One of the many benefits using a mobile wallet can provide you is convenience. By adding your cards to your mobile wallet, you have all of your various purchasing options in one place. You can purchase both in-store and online from your mobile wallet, which is quickly accessible, saving you the hassle of digging for the right card when it's time to pay. You are also not restricted to a cell phone to use a mobile wallet! You can even use your smart watch or tablet to make purchases with the same mobile wallet on your phone.


We have all become more conscious of our physical health and well-being over the last year, making a contactless mobile wallet a safer way to conduct business. At participating retailers, using a mobile wallet will eliminate the need to hand your card to another person, and you will avoid touching a pin pad or pen to complete your purchase. Simply hold your phone within a few inches of the pin pad and your phone will recognize the purchase attempt, then walk you through the remaining steps needed to complete your transaction. Many retailers also offer digital receipts, assisting in the contactless payment trends supported by your mobile wallet (and you're also saving some trees without that paper). 


The benefits associated with using a mobile wallet, as opposed to a physical wallet, far outweigh any risks. As an overall online security best practice, we recommend a few tips to safeguard your personal information. You can be certain your information is secure within your mobile wallet by only connecting to known wireless networks, and not clicking any links from unknown sources on your device. If you are not expecting correspondence from the sender, do not open the email or text. Also, if you receive a phone call you aren't comfortable with, hang up and call the sender to confirm they sent you a request to obtain information.


Your safety is as much of a priority to you as it is to us. Here at Dutch Point, we are committed to offering the safest, most convenient banking options that work best for you. All of our credit and debit cards are compatible with several mobile wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and more! By linking your Dutch Point cards to your mobile wallet, you are saving time, keeping your information secure, carrying less, and opening your options to pay and send money to anyone digitally. Monitor your account 24/7 by enrolling in Digital Banking and signing up for free account and fraud alerts today!

At Dutch Point, it's all about you. We empower you to make financial decisions that are right for you. We pledge to help you meet and exceed your financial goals through all the stages of your life.