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Fraud Alert: Norton Antivirus Scams on the Rise

The latest scam being reported involves fraudsters pretending to be from Norton. They are claiming there is a virus on your computer or phone and they need access to your device to remove it. They trick you into logging into Digital Banking so they can "verify" account information and get paid for their services. This is a SCAM. A reputable company will never request access to your personal device. If you receive one of these emails, text messages, or phone calls, PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED.

As a reminder, if you are ever asked to provide sensitive information, such as your card number or PIN, or your Digital Banking Login ID or password, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE IT OUT.

If you received one of these fictitious messages and allowed someone to access your personal device or gave out your information, please contact us immediately at 860-563-2617.

Watch our recent seminar on protecting yourself from scams and fraud.

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